Grasmere Town Hall Fire Escape, Goffstown, NH

Scope of Services

Structural Engineering
Site Review
Recommendations Report


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., (SFC) was contracted by the Town of Goffstown to provide Structural Engineering Services for the existing fire escapes at their historic town hall building.

The Town Hall was a three-story building with a full basement and a bell tower. It was reported to have been constructed as the original town hall in 1889. No longer serving as the town hall, the building had been used for various uses including as a school, community center and assembly space. The first floor of the building was home to the Knights of Columbus. The second floor served as a limited use assembly space. The third floor was largely utilized as attic storage, but was formerly used as a kitchen and dining hall.

SFC began by visiting the project site and observing the existing conditions of the visible portions of the structural elements. There were two (2) exterior fire escapes when SFC began the project, located on the west (side) and north (rear) elevations. It was reported that the rear fire escape was scheduled to be removed and was not included in SFC’s assessment.

Following the site visit, SFC analyzed a sampling of structural members and performed a limited code review of the railing. SFC then assembled a report of their findings and recommended repairs. After town acceptance of the recommendations, SFC designed the repair work.