Town of Newton Fire Station, Newton, NH

Scope of Services

Structural Engineering
Site Review


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc. (SFC) was contracted by the Town of Newton to provide structural engineering services for their Fire Station. The Town planned to take an existing storage garage space, and renovate it into the Town’s main fire station.

SFC began by visiting the project site to observe and document the condition of the visible structure and the metal framed portions of the storage building. The intent of this work was to identify potential difficulties associated with the proposed conversion of the property from a storage facility to a fire station. The original building had a footprint of approximately 22 feet x 30 feet. A majority of this structure was to be removed during the subsequent renovations/additions.

SFC provided structural review and code analysis, concluding that the proposed change in occupancy from a garage to a fire station will result in the building being be assigned to a higher occupancy category. SFC provided a professional opinion stating that the garage was in good shape and could continue to function in it is current use with minimal repair. However, if its usage was changed to a fire station, it would require structural and life safety improvements.