Verizon Wireless, Tilton School, Tilton, NH

Scope of Services

Structural Engineering
Design Review
Retaining Wall Design Services


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc (SFC) was solicited by Verizon Wireless to provide structural engineering services for the Tilton School in Tilton, NH.

At the Tilton School, was an existing one story approximately 4,120 square foot building which housed a boiler plant. This building was to be renovated to accommodate cellular equipment for Verizon Wireless. The majority of the building has brick masonry exterior walls and a concrete roof, with the exception of the attached garage, which was constructed with wood framing. Due to non-fire-resistant rated wood assemblies the construction type of the building was classified as Type VB. The renovation consisted of constructing an enclosed mezzanine to the boiler plant above the garage.

SFC conducted multiple site visits and design reviews to aid in the addition to the garage as well as the design for the reconfiguration of grade supported stairs and a retaining wall on site. SFC ensured that the new mezzanine being constructed was compliant with the IBC and NFPA 101 and would not pose an increased hazard to the fire protection or life safety of the existing building.