Watson Academy, Epping, NH

Scope of Services

Structural Engineering
Site Inspection


SFC Engineering Partnership Inc., (SFC) was tasked to perform a structural engineering investigation to inventory the distress exhibited in the Watson Academy building in Epping, New Hampshire. SFC’s engineers performed a preliminary review of the distress, followed by a complete investigation of the structural displacements observed within the building, along with any related damage to structural beams, girders and walls, plus associated non-structural elements.

A further study of the existing framing and collection of data was needed to properly complete a repair plan in order to make the building safe. In conclusion, the phases of the project renovations were reflected as follows: research of any available archives related to the building’s construction, door and window operations, floor slopes, interior surface cracks, interior separations, exterior wall cracks, exterior separations, deflection of designed load-bearing elements, and measuring the as-built framing with a general framing layout plan.