SFC works with homeowners

Home maintenance is not just about mowing the grass. Sometimes special problems arise that need more than a handyman or your neighbor’s wheel barrel. SFC’s engineers are here to help.

SFC’s NHDES septic designers have helped many homeowners plagued with odors coming from their septic system; when the spin cycle on the laundry causes the plumbing to back up; and when the leach field is “leaking” across the yard. Whether it’s new construction, or an old system that is showing signs of failure, we can help you work through the problem and become functional again.

Our engineers can help you with residential building additions, for when more room is needed. Our engineers can also help you diagnose and design the solution for cracks showing up on your basement walls.
Sometimes yard drainage is an issue. SFC staff has helped relieve the headache of that persistent and annoying puddle in the backyard, or the rain water that enters the garage every April.

SFC’s retaining wall engineers have worked with countless homeowners to redesign yards to create a flat area for a new patio or to expand a play area.

If you have any issues or concerns that may call for an engineer, give SFC Engineering a call and let us help you bring your vision to realization.