Ossipee Lake Campground

Scope of Services

Field Survey
Test Pits
Site Evaluation
Collection and Disposal System Design Permitting
Shore Land Protection Permitting
Wetland Permitting


SFC Engineering Partnership worked with Ossipee Lake Campground to upgrade their camping area along Route 25 in Effingham, NH.

Ossipee Lake Camping Area was established in 1958. Since that time, the original 161 existing campsites had been serviced by a primitive, individual disposal system. The Campgrounds intent was to upgrade the existing sewage disposal systems that serviced their campers. They hoped to eliminate the need for frequent sewage pumping and improve the quality of life at the camping area.

New, NHDES compliant septic systems were constructed with collection systems servicing all of the campsites. Eight collection and disposal systems, each of which include a leach field, septic tank and pump chamber and collection lines, service all of the camping areas and the ancillary buildings on the property.

SFC began by collecting data on site and preparing an existing conditions plan. This plan included approximate property boundaries, wetland boundaries, flood plain boundaries, topography in select areas, the shoreline of Ossippee Lake, roadways, wells, camp locations including sewer access points, detail of potential subsurface sewerage disposal areas, and other features on and adjacent to the site that may impact development plans.

Plans were then prepared for state permitting. These plans showed the subsurface disposal system layout and infrastructure details. This information included sewage collection piping from each site, septic tanks, pump stations, force mains and subsurface sewerage disposal areas. Erosion control plans were also provided.  After preparing all designs and applications, SFC represented Ossipee Lake Campground at department and agency meetings.

This project also included an expansion of 29 more campsites, so that the campground was permitted up to 190 sites. This expansion required local Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment approvals. SFC prepared and submitted the applications and represented the clients at public hearings.