Benson Park, Hudson, NH

Scope of Services

Civil Engineering
Infrastructure Design


SFC Engineering Partnership Inc. (SFC), was solicited by the Benson Park Committee in Hudson, NH to provide Engineering Services for utility extension design. The Benson Park Committee proposed to provide sewer, water, electric and gas utilities to the site which had been renovated and upgraded by the Committee.

The park had an existing sewer main in an easement running roughly east to west through the park.  Town information showed that gas, water and electric service existed along adjacent rights of way.  Old water and electric services in the park was suspect and needed to be replaced

SFC prepared an overview plan of the park using Town files, aerial imagery and record plans from prior work in the area.  An existing conditions report and design plans were prepared for the Park Committee. SFC represented Benson Park throughout the design and approval process.

Along with the design, SFC also prepared an Engineer’s Estimate of Costs for the utilities that the Benson Park Committee then used to prioritize and plan their utilities work.