Burton Landscaping, Bow, NH

Scope of Services

Civil Engineering
Site Design
Alteration of Terrain Permitting
Planning Board Approval
Board of Selectman Approval


SFC Engineering Partnership’s services were requested by Burton Landscaping in Bow, NH for the development of a contractors’ yard and retail center. Burton proposed a facility for their growing operation. A new building was to house office and garage space. The yard was going to then be organized to store landscape materials. SFC reviewed local and state regulations in light of Burton’s development ideas, and created conceptual solutions. SFC constructed a reliable plan of existing conditions, which was critical to responsible planning. Field survey crews collected data on site for the existing conditions plan. SFC prepared site development plans, including site layout, grading and infrastructure (driveway and parking, subsurface disposal, water, cable utilities), storm water management and erosion control. SFC also prepared and submitted applications for required permits and approvals and represented Burton Landscaping throughout the process. Approvals were secured from NHDES Alteration of Terrain and the local Planning Board. The permitting process addressed an odd right of way situation created by past approvals on adjacent lots. This matter needed to be resolved to the Planning Board, town staff, and the Board of Selectmen.