Steele Hill Resort, Sanbornton, NH

Scope of Services

Permit Applications
Subsurface Disposal Design
Cost Estimate


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., (SFC) has been providing professional services to Steele Hill Resort for almost 30 years. SFC was recently called upon by Eastman Hill Enterprises for professional engineering services to provide preliminary design, cost estimates, final design drawings and permitting services for a proposed sewage treatment systems to service an inn, restaurant, pool, North Wing, Eastman Wing and three new buildings at Steele Hill Resort in Sanbornton, NH.

SFC began by planning the design of two separate treatment systems that would both discharge into the existing leach bed behind the North Wing. Then, SFC evaluated tying the two other proposed buildings into an existing leach field below the Eastman Wing.

SFC obtained necessary information and prepared preliminary design plans to determine the location, size and configuration of the proposed sewage treatment systems. This included verification of existing septic tank sizing, sewage loading calculations for existing and proposed buildings and preliminary layout of the sewage collection system. Based on this preliminary design, SFC then prepared construction cost estimates, and met with Eastman Hill Enterprises to review plans and make recommendations.

Upon agreement of a preferred sewage treatment system, SFC then prepared final design drawings for the two treatment systems including the tie-in with the existing leaching bed. SFC also prepared septic disposal plans for the two proposed buildings. The final design drawings included construction details and information needed for review by NH DES including lot loading calculations. Lastly, SFC prepared the necessary applications and supporting materials to submit the treatment system designs to the NH DES for approval.