Dartmouth College Campus Fire Alarm – Hanover, NH

Scope of Services

Fire Protection Engineering
Fire Alarm Design


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc. (SFC) and R.P. Schifiliti Associates (RPSA) teamed up to provide consulting services to Dartmouth College to help facilitate the fire protection upgrades.

As the final goal of the project, the college hoped to have a reliable and cost effective campus alarm infrastructure and management organization for the communication and use of critical emergency information.

The Dartmouth College Campus contained 184 protected premises. Among these protected premises, there were several manufacturers, technologies and models of fire alarm control units that were in use. As part of the project, SFC and RPSA visited each protected premise on campus and documented panel information. A number of Dartmouth’s fire alarm panels are considered legacy products, meaning they are no longer manufactured or sold. That being said, SFC created a detailed list of Dartmouth’s various fire alarm panels; the list details their locations, makes, models, style, etc. In moving forward, SFC aided the college in deciding which manufactures to use.

SFC and RPSA provided Dartmouth College with a long term strategy for the planning, design, installation, management and use of in-building alarm and communications systems and a campus-wide monitoring and supervising station system. The project addressed both the infrastructure and the organizational needs for these systems to meet the goals of Dartmouth College.