Town of Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro, NH

Scope of Services

Accessibility Consulting
Plan Review
Site Inspection


Over the past 10 years, SFC has formed a lasting relationship with the Town of Wolfeboro and has helped them increase the accessibility of many of their buildings and services. This ongoing relationship allows SFC to provide the town with answers to questions, technical assistance and inspection services on an as-needed basis.

The Town of Wolfeboro is a popular vacation destination during the late spring and summer months. That being said, the town’s main streets and squares have been the primary locations in need of engineering services. SFC’s roles and responsibilities have been mainly parking, building entrances, sidewalks and curb designs.

SFC designed an accessible boarding stop for Molly the Trolley, a bus offering tours of Wolfeboro, also known as “America’s Oldest Summer Resort”. SFC also reviewed the accessibility of the Depot Square Public Parking Lot, the towns main public parking facility for the downtown area. SFC designed two accessible parking spaces and redesigned sidewalks, curb ramps and crossings for compliance.

Through an ADA Consulting role, SFC has assisted the town with their Library, the Clark Museum, the Town Hall, Front Bay Park, Depot Square, Kingswood Regional High School and various other projects.