Gately Duplex Retaining Wall, Pine Street, Woburn, MA

Scope of Services

Material Estimate
Construction Observation
Submittal Review


In accordance with the Massachusetts Building Code, SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., (SFC) provided engineering services for the construction of a retaining wall for a duplex in Woburn, MA.

A developer was planning to build a duplex on a vacant lot in Woburn, MA. The lot sloped very steeply down from the street to wetlands in the back of the lot. This required that a large retaining wall be constructed. The retaining wall was 165 feet long and up to 21 feet high. The developer decided to go with a large Redi-Rock block for the wall, and selected Michie Corporation to provide the blocks. SFC worked with Michie to design the MSE wall.

For this project SFC prepared a construction control affidavit, observed the construction on a periodic basis and prepared a final report for the construction. SFC also conducted multiple site visits, keeping in contact with the contractor.