Lincoln Street Retaining Wall Design, Melrose, MA

Scope of Services

Retaining Wall Design
Construction Administration


SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., (SFC) was solicited to provide engineering services for the reconstruction of a retaining wall and steps on Lincoln Street in Melrose, MA.

At the site there was an existing wet-laid stone wall that wrapped around two sides of an upper level lawn area. One end of this wall was approximately 8-feet high and 15-feet long. From SFC’s observations made at the site, it appeared that the wall was rotating about the base. There was a substantial crack in the middle of the wall and the end of the wall had moved away from the house. There was also a significant crack along the other side of the wall. Adjacent to the wall was a series of stone steps. These steps appeared to be in good condition but there was a considerable amount of moss on the steps and a significant variation in the rise of each step. Adjacent to the steps was a dry-laid stone wall. This wall was approximately 4-1/2 feet high at the steps and tapered down to a couple of feet high. This wall was in good condition with just a couple of the top stones missing.

The home owner didn’t want a poured concrete wall or a precast concrete block wall, but wanted a wet-laid stone wall similar to the existing wall.SFC first visited the site to observe existing conditions and take measurements. The next step was to prepare plans for the reconstruction of the wall and steps. The plans SFC put together included a plan and elevation view of the wall, a typical wall section, and construction notes. As construction began, multiple visits took place to ensure everything was going smoothly. Lastly, SFC prepared a letter of construction completion.