The Armory Retaining Wall Design, Plymouth, MA

Scope of Services

Retaining Wall Design
Construction Oversight


SFC was solicited to provide Retaining Wall Design services in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The location where the retaining wall was to be constructed was home to an old armory building. A developer was proposing to convert the closed armory building in Plymouth into apartments. In order to do so, the site needed a considerable amount of parking, but most of the site was on a steep hill. The design of the parking lots necessitated the creation of three levels of parking that stepped up into the hill. There were retaining walls between each level of parking along with retaining walls holding up houses at the top of the hill. The design of the retaining walls was a challenge because many of the walls intersected each other.

SFC began by preparing design plans for the retaining walls. These plans included a plan and elevation view of the wall, a typical wall section, and construction notes. SFC observed the construction of the retaining walls and made multiple trips to the site during construction to ensure everything was going smoothly. SFC completed the project by preparing a construction completion letter.